Welcome to the Sadoshima Lab

Introduction of Dr. Sadoshima's lab
Dr. Sadoshima is a recognized world leader in the field of cardiac growth and survival signaling. His landmark study reported  in Cell over 15 years ago first established the importance of myocyte-generated angiotensin and auto-activation of AT1 receptor-signaling and hypertrophy in response to mechanical stretch. Over the decades, his laboratory has continued to conduct seminal research into the regulators of cell death, survival, and growth, including major studies of the roles of glycogen synthase kinase 3-beta-Mst-1, mitogen-activated protein kinases, sirtuins, and other factors.
One thrust of his recent research has been the role of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress on both survival and hypertrophic stimulation. His laboratory first established the central role of the key reductive protein thioredoxin-1, in this regulation, and led the field in showing the mechanisms of its control. Most recently, he showed a novel mechanism whereby thioredoxin-1 regulates the oxidation of transcription factors (class II histone deacetylases), providing the first direct link between oxidative stress and a mechanism for cardiac hypertrophy. His highly creative work has forged many new and important pathways that have become subsequent targets of research world wide.  
(From the Ira and Jean Belfer Lectureship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, May 2009)

Dr. Sadoshima received the 
John Foerster Distiguished 
Lecture Award
 from the 
Institute of Cardiovasucular 
Sciences of University of 
Manitoba and St. Boniface 
Hospital Foundation,